During the 1960's, the Marche region of Italy became a centre point for the World stage of musical Instruments. Because, at this time, a company named FASEL was born.

This small business began producing power transformers and output transformers for the most important manufacturers of musical instruments in and around the territory of Recanati-Castelfidardo. Manufacturers that in those years dominated the world stage.

Among its customers was EME-Thomas-Vox, who at that time were producing the near legendary Vox AC30 model, (who's success was no small way helped by the FASEL output and power transformers) and the equally well known "wha-wha" with the famous FASEL 500mH inductors.

In later years, Luigi inherited from his father, (a partner of FASEL *) not only the tools and traditions of this great company, but also something that cannot be bought, only learned, the experience of great craftsmanship. Over the years that followed he carefully observed every gesture, learned every trick of the trade and therefore gained this invaluable knowledge.

Through the ability gained during his time in the company from 1990 to 2000, he was able to see the direction his work should follow: technological innovation, even higher quality of the product and advertising investment, which allowed the company to pass, in the short span of a decade, from regional to national level.

In the early 1990's he met with the chief of engineers of "EME Thomas Vox", further deepening his knowledge on the design of musical instruments.

Over the following ten years FASEL became FASE and developed a branch dedicated to audio. In 2000, the company separated and EgoSonoro was founded in order to become more active in the audio industry.

EgoSonoro is dedicated to professional audio.