Eliminate AC ground loop

The 90% pedal effects (distortion, overdrive, boost, delay etc) using a 9-volt DC power source. Typical sources used are 9V battery or 9V AC adapter. Standard AC adapters may introduce electrical noise interference on your signal and require a power outlet near you. With ZeroNoise Road power box you don’t need any power outlet and your signal is perfectly clean for as long as 10 hours work.

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  • 12V 1,3A Sealed Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous zero noise power output without the need to recharge
  • Eliminates AC ground loops – no more unwanted hum
  • Four 9V DC outputs (Boss standard) – One 9V (Standard) – One 12V (Standard) power multiple devices; pedals, multi-effect units, and portable recorders
  • Multicolour LED provides function mode
  • Single on/off button – no need to unplug the individual effects devices
  • Rechargeable hundreds of times without any loss of performance – no memory effect
  • Automatically recharges cycle (if the device is connected to the power supply) when the battery goes below the threshold of 9V.
  • Also during the re-charge mode, the ZeroNoise Road power box continues to supply you the same output voltage without performance degradation. You’ll never be caught without your power!
  • External power adapter included
  • Dimensions: (W,D,H) 130x165x55 mm
  • Weight (Approx): 2,0Kg